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Wonderful excursions, tours and visits around Positano

Do you want to enrich your stay in Positano by visiting Amalfi, Ravello, Vietri sul Mare, Sorrento, Capri, Pompeii, Herculaneum and the other enchanting tourist destinations in Campania?

Imperati Suites, in a central position in Positano, is the ideal place to safely explore the surroundings of this wonderful town on the Amalfi Coast.
Ask at our reception about all the excursions, organized tours, boat trips, tourist guides, cars and scooters for hire.

The Amalfi Coast preserves a priceless heritage of beauty, culture, and tradition:



Amalfi is the municipality that gives its name to the Amalfi Coast.
Ancient Maritime Republic rich in history and culture, Amalfi is today a tourist center known throughout the world for its scenic and monumental beauty and, not least, for good food.

From the beaches to the evocative ravines, from the staircases to the alleys along which the typical white houses sprout, to the terraced gardens, Amalfi is a village to be discovered not neglecting to visit the small shops and to taste the typical product of coastal cultivation: the sfusato of Amalfi – lemon with Protected Geographical Indication – typical ingredient of coastal gastronomy and, in particular, of Limoncello, famous amalfitano liqueur.


The Medieval villas of Ravello

Ravello is a natural terrace set on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, not far from Amalfi, Maiori and Minori. Surrounded by luxuriant nature, it is one of the quietest, most charming towns on the Amalfi Coast.
Villa Rufolo is a historic building in Ravello, built in the 13th century at the behest of the rich Rufolo family. In Arab-Sicilian style, it stands on the same square overlooking the Duomo San Pantaleone.

In a pseudo-medieval style, Villa Cimbrone is often called the extraordinary creation of an English lord, William Beckett, who assisted by a Ravello-born tailor, transformed it from a landed estate into a polymorphic construction

The Emerald Grotto in Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini is a charming fishing village on the Amalfi Coast, a destination for tourists who come from all over the world to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the place.
The enchanting Emerald Grotto is a karstic cavity about 24 meters high discovered by the sailor Luigi Buonocore in 1932.

Today partially submerged, the Emerald Grotto owes its name to the shade of water that, due to sunlight filtered by an underwater crack, takes on an emerald green color.
Inside, numerous stalactites and stalagmites have been created that in some stretches unite, giving rise to powerful columns of a height of about ten meters.

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